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Aquarium “Kragujevac” is the first public freshwater aquarium in Serbia. It is suited in the rooms of the Faculty of science in Kragujevac. In 400 square meters over 350 aquarium units is exhibited containing over 60 000 l of water.

In the aquarium you can see the living beings from the Balkans, but also from the tropical areas of Africa, South America, Asia and Australia. Besides many species of fish from the domestic freshwater ecosystems, there can bee also seen exotic tropical fish (scalars, oscars, neon fish, diskuses, trichogasters, piranhas…), amphibians (frogs and newts), reptiles (turtles and snakes) and different species of invertebrates (sponges, worms, leeches, snails, crabs, shells…)

Within the Aquarium there is a hatchery where the rare and endangered species are being bred and raised. There is also laboratory for scientific-exploratory work related to hydro biology and protection of water ecosystems.


Faculty of science

Radoje Domanovic str. 12

+381 34 30 02 46


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