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In 21st October 1941 the tragedy struck in Kragujevac. Thousands of its inhabitants, men, women and children were shot in Sumarice.The motive for the shooting were German losses in fighting with the Chetniks and Partizans units on the road Kragujevac-Gornji Milanovac. In memory of the victims of shootings, the entire space of Sumarice in 1953 turned into a memorial park "Kragujevac October," which covers an area of ​​352 hectares. In this area there are 30 mass graves, ten of which shaped the artistic monuments. Three tombs are located in the surrounding villages. The monuments are:

"Monument of pain and defiance"

Monument to executed pupils and professors

Monument "Crystal Flower"

Monument "Stone Sleeper"

"Museum of Resistance and Freedom"

Monument "Hundred for one"

Monument from the Croatian people "Circles"

Monument "Against evil"

"Monument to the executed Serbs and Jews"

"Monument to Friendship"

Memorial Park is a circular tours through about seven kilometers long. At the entrance to the memorial park, the imposing building of the Museum "21st October " is built, whose architecture emphasizes the symbolism of Kragujevac’s tragedy.











Besides being the memorial park and keeping the memory of shooting victims, Šumarice is the favorite promenade of Kragujevac citizens and their guests, landscaped park with spaces for walking, rest and recreation.


Monuments in Sumarice

"Monument to pain and defiance"

It was built on the site where on 21 October 1941 the only woman was shot in Šumarice - Nada Naumović. Through the purity of marble processing unit represented by the figures of man and woman in their death throes. Female character, strongly arched back, still defying death, a man, painfully bent in a sharp curve ahead slowly fall to the ground.

Monument to executed pupils and professors

The monument was erected in 1963 and the author is Miodrag Zivkovic, academic sculptor. It is located near where the shooting of the largest group of students with 18 teachers. It is a grand sculpture in which the powerful, branched from the white concrete block transforms the gentle bird with broken wings, broken in flight.

Monument "Crystal Flower"

The monument is located next to the grave where buried shot shoe cleaners, Gypsies, boys from 12 to 15 years. It symbolizes a newly developed bud, cut in two parts. The whiteness says moral purity flower boy and a black socket, in addition to the color of their complexion, associated with death and darkness of the underworld.

Monument "Against evil"

Monument "Against evil" in 1991. was shaped like a square, compact block of marble, carved with religious symbols of the Apocalypse, which speak of a just reward or punishment for the committed actions.

Monument "Hundred for one"

Bronze monument, "hundred for one" command of General Boehme is artistically shaped, through a network of interwoven and deformed human body, which forms gradually lose and grow into a big, powerful tree.

Monument "Stone sleeper "

Among the executed Kragujevac was a lot of people from surrounding villages and the monument dedicated to just them. A wreath made of concrete blocks, of unequal height and rounded and massive marble statues, the monument resembles a village garden dominated by stacks of hay.

Monument from the Croatian people "Circles"

It consists of seven interconnected steel discs and a light center that unites the three graves. Circles as symbols of perfection, they are deformed, which he shows that life at this place 21st October 1941 was far from perfect.

"Monument of resistance and freedom"

It represents a mortally wounded man's drooping head, which is the latest flick, tense muscles, fighting for some other moment of life.But it rises above the white obelisk, as a triumph of life over death, and its abstract form at the top divides the letter "V" symbol of victory.

"Monument of Friendship"

"Monument of Friendship" is made by the Romanian architect Anton idea Stojkua 1994th years of white stone and a spread sheet of the book.

Monument to Executed Serbs and Jews

It was built where 78 Jews and 37 Serbs were shot in 20st October 1941. Symbolizes the lasting memory of the connection between Serbs and Jews, in life and death.

Monument - a memorial complex "Czechoslovakian graveyard"

It is situated on the territory of the Memorial Park on June 21st where the 1918 44 Austro-Hungarian soldiers shot Slovak and Czech nationality, who rebelled against his command, and refused to fight against the Serbs. The monument was unveiled in 1924.

Monument "1300 Corporal"

It is located next to the road Kragujevac - Gornji Milanovac, near the Museum, "October 21" and is dedicated to the Serbian army corporal from World War II, who in this way 1914 went to the front, the Battle of Kolubara.


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