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The Big or Upper Park





The most favorite place for walk of Kragujevac’s citizens of all ages. It was formed in 1898 and on it’s 110th birthday it was completely renewed. More than 10 hectares of verdure, thick treetops of the 100 years old trees, renewed foot-paths, newly benches make a perfect place for pastime, walk and relaxing. In the centre of the park, there is a monument “Wounded soldier”.

The Small Park

In front of the Market place, in the central part of “The circle of Prince Milos” complex, the Small park is placed. It is a small area arranged with flower alleys and footpaths. In the centre of the park, the Monument to fallen Sumadian warriors in wars from 1804 to 1918 is erected.

Eco-park “Ilina voda”

Park “Ilina Voda” (Ilina’s Water”) is a legacy of Svetozar Andrejevic. On his will, the park was eternally left to the citizens of then-borough. During the last years, with a volunteer work of the citizens, the members of Eco-park association, this ambiance has been converted into a real small oasis. In 17.5 hectares there are benches, swings, teeters and basketball and football playgrounds. The fountain with a 3.5 m high waterfall is built and 5 small lakes all bound together with a 90 m long stream. There is also a mini zoo with 100 species of small animals and it’s enlargement is planed. Curiosity of the park presents the biggest sculpture of Easter egg in Europe and second in the World, over 3 m high.

Lake Bubanj Park

There are only few cities in the World that have a lake in their centres alone. Lake Bubanj is only one kilometer away from the strict city center and it’s suited at the entrance of the city, from the direction of Batocina. The lake outspreads on 10 000 km² and it’s average depth is about 1.5 m. It is a ideal spot for a pastime or walk by the water. Around the lake, in natural ambiance, the benches are set and there is also a restaurant with beautiful garden.

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