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What does a Greeter volunteer actually do?

Introduces visitors to prominent cultural and historical values in Kragujevac and its surroundings. Shows them lesser-known sights and attractions, streets, markets, small shops, restaurants and pubs, which keep the spirit of the city.

Shows visitors how life really looks like in Kragujevac, leading them through his or other settlements.

Informs visitors by responding to their questions about public transport, working hours of banks, post offices, culture institutions, thus helping them to feel more comfortable and secure in our city.


Who are the volunteers? How are they selected and trained?

Volunteers are individuals with different interests, preferences and abilities, living in the city of Kragujevac.

The volunteers consist of 50% women and 50% men. Volunteers are selected regardless of race, skin color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, marital status or disability. Welcome are all those who love and know well the places that are of concern to visitors of the city. Knowledge of foreign languages make communication easier and more open, so we’ll be very pleased to have persons among volunteers which, besides Serbian and English, speak another foreign language.

Based upon the registrations, the individuals will be selected that will be invited for an interview after which they will be organized a specific training.


Who are the most common visitors that use KG Greeters service?

Travellers who beside them want to have a “friend” who will show them Kragujevac from a perspective of a person who lives in it. Those are visitors who have special interests, visitors looking for entertainment, businessmen with their families, participants of the event, visitors with disabilities, clients of international organizations doing business in the city, exchange students, adventurers, culturologists, journalists and many others.


How can visitors learn about the Greeters service of Kragujevac?

City Tourist Organization Kragujevac leads a media campaign during which introduces the public to the Service. Besides that, a big role in the informing has a web site, various broadcast and print media, including newspapers, tourist media, guidebooks, television, radio, tourist information centres. As a service of City Tourist Organization, Greeters Service is promoted at all the fairs and event in which CTO takes part.


Does a Greeter wear any Greeter Service symbol?

Yes. Anyone who passes the training and becomes an integral part of the Greeter Network of Kragujevac will own ID card with photo and number. It is a Greeter’s obligation to carry the card during the tour.

The card can not be used by anyone else. Also, the card can not be carried outside the Greeter’s activity.


How are Greeter and a visitor matched and where do they meet?

Greeter and a visitor are matched based upon language needs and interests, which are listed in the questionnaire. All tours begin in front of the Tourist Information Centre, and meeting details will be sent to your email.


Will my costs incurred during the tour be covered?

Each individual is responsible for personal expenses. Greeter is exempt from paying the entrances to the museums, galleries and other facilities of tourist offer of Kragujevac, because the ID Greeter card is a pass to the entrances.


Can I accept a compensation for a tour, if offered by a visitor?

Greeter Service is a volunteer service, so you can not accept the money. If the visitor insists, in order to express his gratitude, remind him to do that as a donation to the Service.


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